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9 advantages of Jinjing's water lubricated oil-free screw air compressor

9 advantages of Jinjing's water lubricated oil-free screw air compressor

Oct 30,2021
9 Advantages of Jinjing's water lubricated oil-free screw air compressor
The world's first series adopts stainless steel screw air end, which saves more than 15% energy than the second-class dry screw and more than 36% energy than the first-class screw; The first oil-free screw air compressor in China has reached the energy-saving standard of oil machine; Avoid frequent dry screw and expensive air end maintenance. 

1.Energy saving: the Jinjing screw air end with high volumetric efficiency is more efficient and energy-saving than the twin-screw anhydrous compressor.

2.Environmental protection: the main engine is lubricated with water, the compressed air is not polluted, and the generation of waste lubricating oil is avoided, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.

3.Mute: it is quieter than the oil injection screw compressor. Compared with the oil injection screw compressor of the same specification, the noise is 4-5db (a) .

4.low operation and maintenance cost: since the lubricating oil is not used, there is no need to exchange waste oil, oil filter screen, oil separator, etc., and the operation cost is lower.

5.The motor is a special motor with SKF Bearing, insulation grade F and protection grade IP54 to ensure trouble free operation. The efficiency is 3-5% higher than that of similar products.

6.The water filter adopts the rotary water filter filtered by aviation high-end materials, and the effect is 20% higher than that of the conventional filter element, effectively prolonging the normal service life of the main engine.

7.Super large capacity water gas separator, high-quality water gas separation elements and gas-liquid filter elements, equipped with advanced three-time water gas separation, and the water content is controlled below 3ppm to ensure the high quality of compressed air.

8The design with high dust holding capacity and low flow resistance can filter out small solid particles in the air, and the dust removal effect can reach 99.5%, so as to ensure the normal operation and economic service life of all parts of the system.

9.Advanced design of intake valve, intake adjustment range 0-100%, capacity regulating valve adjustment, small pressure loss, stable action and long service life.
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