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Integrated Down The Hole Drill Rig

Integrated Down The Hole Drill Rig
The integrated open-air DTH drill carriage is a drilling equipment that integrates the DTH drilling system and the screw air compression system.

Can drill vertical, inclined and horizontal holes, used for drilling blast holes in open-pit mines and stone works and pre-split holes.

1. Two-stage compressor head, larger displacement, higher pressure, can provide continuous surging power.

2. High-strength and high-torque dual-motor rotary power head, with a wide range of apertures, and can easily deal with stuck drills.

3.Super large horizontal diesel tank, saving the trouble of refueling in the middle.

4. Using jinjing water-cooled booster engine, low fuel consumption. The engine room layout is reasonable and easy to maintain.

5. Adopting professional engineering four-wheel area, supporting body leveling system, easy to control various complex terrains.

6. Some models are equipped with a powerful dust filter system and large air volume to meet environmental protection requirements.
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