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Freeze compressed air drier


1.Energy Saving
High efficiency heat exchanging wings made of aluminum alloy plates, cross-flowing high efficiency heat exchanging and sufficient exchanging area, maximizing the cooling energy inside the machine. Pressure loss is less than 0.02Mpa.

2.Environmental Friendly
Aluminum-alloy-made heat exchangers never get rusted, strong anti-corrosion property, pollution reoccurrence free. Environmental cooling medium adopted across the series, keeping up with the international trends of environment protection.

3.Excellent Performance
Under nominal operation conditions, the outlet dew point is 3℃ lower than that of the conventional tube shell refrigerated compressed air dryer.

4.Top Configuration
Whole series of refrigerated compressors are of first class brands. 
Whole series of refrigeration control elements are of first class brands.
Whole series of air coolers adopt nanometer anti-corrosion coating on the surfaces.
Packed with Y-shape air inlet filters to effectively reduce pipe pollutants on the heat exchanging channel.

The high efficiency heat exchangers made of aluminum alloy plates are, under same flow capacity, 2/3 less in volume than that of the conventional tube shell exchangers. The layouts are more compact, significantly reducing the footprint of the equipments, further freeing customers’ limited space.
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