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Screw blower

Magnetic levitation blower is a kind of turbine with magnetic levitation bearing. 

The main structure is that the blower impeller is directly installed on the extended end of the motor shaft, and the rotor is vertically suspended on the active magnetic bearing controller. It does not need speed increaser and coupling to realize direct drive by high-speed motor. 

The core of the single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower regulated by frequency converter is the technology of magnetic bearing and permanent magnet motor.

Screw air blower is belong to displacement blower, it is widely used in sewage treatment, desulfurization and oxidation, pneumatic conveying and other fields. In aeration field, the screw air blower can automatically adjust it's pressure according to the change of water depth, while maintaining stable flow rate, which is suitable for medium&small air volume needs and harsh environment working conditions.With the characteristics of wide working pressure adjustment range, strong dust resistance, high efficiency and stability, can start-stop frequently and high cost performance, the screw air blower is the most economical blower for the reform of the Roots Blower.

The screw air blower adopts dry type twin-screw oil-free compressor airend, which is composed of high-efficiency motor, gear box, air intake filter, silencer, cooler and intelligent control system. It can realize local and remote control. The integrated box structure is convenient for installation and maintenance.

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