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Permanent magnet VSD screw air compressor

Permanent magnet VSD screw air compressor

The permanent magnet variable frequency screw compressor is an air compressor that can change the power supply frequency, adjust the load, and reduce power consumption. The core is the frequency converter, which can adjust the speed of the motor by converting the power supply frequency. Ordinary frequency conversion air compressor: It is equipped with traditional asynchronous different magnet motor, and compared with ordinary frequency conversion air compressor, permanent magnet frequency conversion screw compressor has the advantage of "rare earth permanent magnet motor".

The energy-saving operation of the permanent magnet variable frequency screw machine first is to adjust the gas flow by adjusting the speed of the motor through the inverter, so that the output power of the motor is proportional to the flow demand, and the high efficiency of the motor is maintained, the power factor is high, the reactive power loss is small, and the The electrical effect is obvious. The second is that the automatic fast sleep makes the no-load time shorter and the motor stops completely, which can save energy to the greatest extent. It is worth mentioning that during its operation, when the displacement is reduced, the speed of the motor slows down, and the noise of the air compressor is lower than that of full speed operation, and as the time of unloading operation is reduced, the noise of venting is also reduced.

Original imported main engine, the rotor is the third generation 5 pair 6 tooth rotor. The screw main engine adopts Swedish SKF bearings, and the rotor has undergone dynamic and static balance tests to make it more balanced in operation, with minimum vibration, lower noise and longer life.

Due to the constant temperature and low temperature operation, the non-wearing tooth profile and bearing have a service life of 80,000 hours.

High efficiency and energy saving, low speed during operation, large air volume, high air pressure and low noise.

For the high temperature environment in summer, a large-area plate heat exchanger is adopted.
Fully intelligent control system, the LCD screen with Chinese display clearly displays the various performance and status parameters of the compressor, with self-diagnosis and protection devices.

It can realize multi-machine joint control (no special requirements). The control system allows a given device to select one of two different pressure control settings. When the system uses more air than the first device, the first The two compressors will start automatically until the system requirements are met. When the system demand drops, the second compressor will automatically stop. When the working machine fails to work normally, the standby machine will automatically start to meet the needs of the system.
Fully enclosed class F motor, IP55 electronic control and electronic control components, equipped with reverse, low phase and low pressure, oil temperature is too high, and the motor is over. Load shutdown protection.
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