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Adsorption compressed air drier

Adsorption compressed air drier

1.The control system uses single-chip microcomputer program for automatic control, performance stable and reliable (PLC control can optional);
2.With the valve switch automatic display function, friendly interface, Simple operation, easy routine maintenance;
3.Automatic alarm system, intake air temperature too high alarm, the intake pressure too low alarm, the heating temperature alarm (micro heat regeneration type);
4.According to the actual load and temperature, adjustable gas consumption proportion, to save gas consumption;
5.Can choose cycle switch time, meet the requirements of dew point of the products.
6.Imported electromagnetic valve performance is reliable, modular design, and with motion indication, simple maintenance.
7.Pneumatic dust filter, prevent dust from entering the pneumatic control components, lower valve failure rate.
8. The new muffler sound-absorbing glass with high temperature ultra-fine cotton and combined with the imported special treatment silencer filter and other material, the regeneration noise≤72dB (A).
9.Compared with other electromagnetic control valve, pneumatic control valve’s lifetime longer, to ensure long-term stable operation of the dryer.
10.Stainless steel material diffuser, has stability, diffusion, filtering, and other functions of the airflow.
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