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4 in 1 integrated screw air compressor

4 in 1 integrated screw air compressor
1. Combined type screw air compressor is integrated with air compressor, air dryer, filters and air tank.

2. It's easy to use. Users just need to connect it to the power supply for working.

3. It's convenient for location movement with the 4wheels. 

4. It's cost effective, as there is no additional purchasing of the pipe for installation. 

1. Air end of screw air compressor
The air end is with state-of-the art screw element and 4 -6 SKF bearings to make sure it plenty of air output and longer lifetime. 
2.Electric Motor of the air compressor
 Name brand qualified IP54 ,F insulation, IE2 , IE3 motor , high efficiency and energy saving.  
3. Intake valve of the screw air compressor 
 High efficiency intake valve protects the compressor components  by removing 99% dirty particles down to 3 microns.
4. Oil Air separator 
 High efficiency separating for oil and air and low oil content in the compressed air. 
5. Touch Screen Controller
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