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Compressed air tank

Compressed air storage tank refers to a cylindrical pressure vessel that stores a certain amount of compressed air, also known as an air bag. It is one of the main accessory devices of the air compressor.

The function of the compressed air storage tank is to slow down the periodic pulsation of the exhaust air flow, stabilize the pressure in the air pipe and separate the oil and water in the air.

There are two types of gas storage tanks, vertical and horizontal, and their height or length is 2-3 times the diameter.

The gas storage tank is provided with an inlet hole, a drain valve, a safety valve and a pressure gauge.

1.Storage capacity
Meet the sudden increase in gas consumption of the equipment.
2.Stable pressure fluctuation
Ensure stable output air flow in the pipeline.
3.Cooling air
Preliminary separation of water and oil to reduce pressure on post-processing equipment.
4.Reduce the number of motor starts
Protect electrical equipment and save energy.

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