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Lubrication oil
The physical and chemical properties of Jinjing air compressor oil:

Flash point: 395F
Density: 0.86-0.90
Water solubility: insoluble
Color: light brown
Odor: medium
Physical state: liquid
Viscosity: 35cSt@40℃
Shear stability: 5.2%
High temperature/high shear: 4.2%

All-weather lubricating oil, specially designed for Jinjing compressors, can ensure that the machine starts quickly and easily in a low temperature and hot environment of -20°C.

Jinjing lubricating oil uses petroleum as raw material. The refined thickened liquid and internal additives can effectively prevent oxidation, reduce evaporation loss, reduce wear, prevent dust entry and corrosion, and ensure the sealing effect of the bearing.

In addition, Jinjing lubricating oil has good tolerance and separation characteristics for moisture, so its service life is very long. The warranty period for compressed main engines using Jinjing oil is five years or 10,000 hours.
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