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Reciprocating piston air compressor

Reciprocating piston air compressor
The crankshaft drives the connecting rod, the connecting rod drives the piston, and the piston moves up and down. When the piston moves downward, the volume of the cylinder increases, the intake valve opens, the exhaust valve closes, and the air is sucked in to complete the intake process; When the piston moves upward, the volume of the cylinder decreases, the outlet valve opens and the inlet valve closes to complete the compression process. Usually, there are piston rings on the piston to seal the gap between the cylinder and the piston, and there is lubricating oil in the cylinder to lubricate the piston rings.

A positive displacement compressor in which the internal volume of the compression chamber is changed by one or several reciprocating pistons.

At present, reciprocating compressors are mainly piston type air compressors, chemical process compressors, oil and natural gas compressors, while piston type air compressors are mainly developing towards medium pressure and high pressure. This is a height that screw machines and centrifuges can not reach at present.
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