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Oil-free screw air compressor

Oil-free screw air compressor

The oil-free screw air compressor compresses the air through the two-stage screw rotor and removes the water in the compressed air through the water gas separator. At the same time, because there is no injection cooling, it is generally equipped with precooler, intercooler and aftercooler to cool the compressed air and reach the required exhaust temperature. The shaft seal with excellent performance is used in the rotor shaft to prevent the lubricating oil from leaking into the compressed air, so as to achieve real oil-free.

The screw rotors of the twin-screw air compressor adopt precision gears, with high-precision processing technology to ensure the perfect meshing between the male and female rotors without direct contact. In order to meet the requirements of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of screw rotor, the rotor is generally made of high-performance alloy steel, and the surface is sprayed with modified Teflon material, which ensures excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the surface. There are also spiral rotors made of stainless steel, but the relative clearance between stainless steel rotors is large, which makes the efficiency of the equipment low.

Overview of working principle

In the compressor body, a pair of mutually meshing spiral rotors are arranged in parallel. The rotors with convex teeth outside the pitch circle are usually called male rotors or male screws. The rotor with concave teeth in the pitch circle is called female rotor or female screw. Generally, the male rotor is connected with the prime mover, and the male rotor drives the female rotor to rotate. The last pair of bearings on the rotor realize axial positioning and bear the axial force in the compressor. The cylindrical roller bearings at both ends of the rotor make the rotor realize radial positioning and bear the radial force in the compressor. The two ends of the compressor body are respectively provided with orifices of certain shape and size. One for suction, called the air inlet; The other is for exhaust, called exhaust port.

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