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Two-stage compression fix speed screw air compressor

Two-stage compression fix speed screw air compressor
In essence, the two-stage compression is to combine the first-stage compression rotor and the second-stage compression rotor in a casing, and directly drive them through helical gears. Natural air enters the first stage of compression through the air filter, where it is mixed with a small amount of lubricating oil in the compression chamber, and at the same time the mixed gas is compressed to the inter-stage pressure. The compressed gas enters the cooling channel and comes into contact with a large amount of oil mist, thereby greatly reducing the temperature. The cooled compressed gas enters the second-stage rotor, undergoes secondary compression, and is compressed to the final exhaust pressure. After that, the compressor is discharged through the exhaust flange to complete the entire compression process.

The jinjing two-stage high-efficiency screw main engine rotor adopts a high-precision grinder along the yin-yang rotor pitch circle meshing zero-to-zero contact zone high-pressure working side of the space yoke generating method grinding processing, the processing accuracy step is in the micron level, to ensure smooth meshing , Low noise and vibration, high operating efficiency;
The compression ratio of each stage of compression is precisely designed to reduce the load of bearings and gears, and the main engine bearings are all imported high-precision and high-load bearings imported from top international brands, with a life of up to 100,000 hours; the load is borne by two heads under the same power , The bearing is less stressed and has a longer life.

After the Jinjing two-stage compression main engine undergoes one-stage compression, the second-stage suction temperature is reduced through enhanced fuel injection cooling, which tends to be more energy-saving isothermal compression, which saves about 8%; the two-stage compression adopts an equal pressure ratio as low as 3:1 To set the pressure between stages, the internal leakage is reduced, the compression ratio of each stage is much lower than that of the single-stage compression ratio, and the compression efficiency is significantly improved; the optimization of volumetric efficiency and adiabatic efficiency makes the corresponding gas production at the same power, two-stage The compression ratio of single-stage compression gas production is as high as 15%.
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