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Fix Speed Energy-Saving 75KW Screw Air Compressor Two-Stage Compression for Industrial

Fix Speed Energy-Saving 75KW Screw Air Compressor Two-Stage Compression for Industrial

Fix Speed Energy-Saving 75KW Screw Air Compressor Two-Stage Compression for Industrial
Fix Speed Energy-Saving 75KW Screw Air Compressor Two-Stage Compression for IndustrialFix Speed Energy-Saving 75KW Screw Air Compressor Two-Stage Compression for IndustrialFix Speed Energy-Saving 75KW Screw Air Compressor Two-Stage Compression for IndustrialFix Speed Energy-Saving 75KW Screw Air Compressor Two-Stage Compression for Industrial
CategoriesTwo-stage compression fix speed screw air compressor
BrandJinjing Professional Air Compressor Manufacturer
Power15-315 Kw
Displacement0.5-67 M3/Min
Pressure7/8/10/13 Bar
Unit PriceUS $ 4000-6000 / piece
FOB portTianjin
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/P, T/T, Paypal
Update TimeJun 20,2024
Detail Information

Introducing the Fix Speed Energy-Saving 75KW Screw Air Compressor Two-Stage Compression for Industrial. Experience unmatched efficiency and reliable performance with this advanced air compressor machine.

With its ultra-low temperature rise design, this compressor can run at ultra-low frequencies for extended periods, ensuring optimal performance. The closed-loop vector control system provides faster and more precise speed control, guaranteeing stable pressure and accurate pressure fluctuation control within 0.1 bar.

Comparing various starting methods, the figure clearly demonstrates the advantages of the Fix Speed Screw Air Compressor. Its frequency converter allows for a smooth and stable start, completely avoiding current peaks and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

The air end of this compressor is designed for stability and longevity. The high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor and embedded-integrated shaft direct connection structure eliminate gear transmission failures and reduce noise levels significantly. With no-click bearing noise, gear meshing noise, or coupling drive noise, you can enjoy a quieter working environment.

The compact size of the permanent magnet motor saves space while maintaining energy-saving speed. Furthermore, the unit automatically adjusts to keep output pressure within +0.1 bar, minimizing unnecessary waste and optimizing power consumption.

Benefit from the advantages of permanent magnet motors compared to general asynchronous motors. These motors offer higher efficiency, consistent energy efficiency even under low load conditions, and a large overdrive torque ratio for enhanced control stability.

The stainless steel piping design not only prevents rust but also ensures safety by eliminating pipeline leakage risks. Its simple and beautiful arrangement adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Equipped with advanced technology and a powerful inverter, this air compressor stands out from the rest. The high-frequency reactor reduces generated frequencies, while soft start functionality minimizes power costs during startup. With forced cooling and a specially designed heat dissipation area, the inverter operates reliably even in high-temperature environments.

Reliable oil and air filters play crucial roles in maintaining the compressor's performance. The imported brand oil filter effectively removes dirt particles, ensuring smooth lubrication of the oil system. Similarly, the air filter reliably removes dirt from the air, providing clean and dependable airflow.

Upgrade your industrial operations with the Fix Speed Energy-Saving 75KW Screw Air Compressor Two-Stage Compression. Experience superior efficiency, reliability, and performance at a competitive price. Invest in this air compressor today and enjoy unparalleled productivity.

permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Air Compressor

Outlet Size
2FSS-0.7/150.7 0.7-3.0151450*780*1180660G1-1/4"
2FSS-0.8/150.8 0.7-2.9
2FSS-1.0/151.0 0.6-2.4
2FSS-1.3/151.3 0.5-2.2
2FSS-0.7/18.50.7 0.9-3.818.51450*780*1180680G1-1/2"
2FSS-0.8/18.50.8 0.8-3.5
2FSS-1.0/18.51.0 0.7-2.9
2FSS-1.3/18.51.3 0.7-2.7
2FSS-0.7/220.7 1.1-4.5221500*956*1219730G1-1/2"
2FSS-0.8/220.8 1.1-4.3
2FSS-1.0/221.0 0.8-3.5
2FSS-1.3/221.3 0.7-2.9
2FSS-0.7/300.7 1.6-6.8301650*880*1280980G1-1/2"
2FSS-0.8/300.8 1.5-6.4
2FSS-1.0/301.0 1.2-4.9
2FSS-1.3/301.3 1.1-4.3
2FSS-0.7/370.7 1.9-7.5371800*1254*15601080G1-1/2"
2FSS-0.8/370.8 1.8-7.4
2FSS-1.0/371.0 1.5-6.3
2FSS-1.3/371.3 1.4-5.6
2FSS-0.7/450.7 2.3-10.2452150*1410*16401980G2"
2FSS-0.8/450.8 2.2-9.7
2FSS-1.0/451.0 1.9-7.8
2FSS-1.3/451.3 1.6-6.5
2FSS-0.7/550.7 3.02-13.1552150*1410*16402180G2"
2FSS-0.8/550.8 2.8-12.5
2FSS-1.0/551.0 2.3-10.1
2FSS-1.3/551.3 1.9-8.6
2FSS-0.7/750.7 4.2-17.5752250*1410*16402280DN65
2FSS-0.8/750.8 3.8-16.5
2FSS-1.0/751.0 3.4-13.6
2FSS-1.3/751.3 2.9-11.2
2FSS-0.7/900.7 5.3-20.8902650*1654*18703200DN65
2FSS-0.8/900.8 4.9-20.2
2FSS-1.0/901.0 4.1-16.9
2FSS-1.3/901.3 3.9-15.3
2FSS-0.7/1100.7 6.1-24.51102720*1800*19003360DN80
2FSS-0.8/1100.8 5.8-23.5
2FSS-1.0/1101.0 5.1-20.1
2FSS-1.3/1101.3 4.4-17.6
2FSS-0.7/1320.7 7.2-30.11322850*1854*19003450DN80
2FSS-0.8/1320.8 6.9-28.5
2FSS-1.0/1321.0 6.1-24.1
2FSS-1.3/1321.3 5.4-21.3
2FSS-0.7/1600.7 8.8-351602866*1730*19183850DN80
2FSS-0.8/1600.8 8.1-33.6
2FSS-1.0/1601.0 7.7-31.1
2FSS-1.3/1601.3 6.5-26.3
2FSS-0.7/1850.7 10.7-421853200*1730*19183990DN100
2FSS-0.8/1850.8 10.3-40
2FSS-1.0/1851.0 8.8-35.5
2FSS-1.3/1851.3 7.5-32.4
2FSS-0.7/2000.7 10.7-44.82003300*2060*22805890DN100
2FSS-0.8/2000.8 10.3-43
2FSS-1.0/2001.0 9.2-38.6
2FSS-1.3/2001.3 7.9-33
2FSS-0.7/2200.7 11.7-48.02204000*1780*19686500DN125
2FSS-0.8/2200.8 11.3-47.2
2FSS-1.0/2201.0 9.8-41.2
2FSS-1.3/2201.3 9.1-38.1
2FSS-0.7/2500.7 13.2-55.32504000*2120*22006800DN125
2FSS-0.8/2500.8 13.0-51.0
2FSS-1.0/2501.0 11.0-46.9
2FSS-1.3/2501.3 9.6-41.2
2FSS-0.7/2800.7 14.4-60.02804000*2120*22007200DN125
2FSS-0.8/2800.8 13.2-56.5
2FSS-1.0/2801.0 12.2-51.5
2FSS-1.3/2801.3 10.8-46.5
2FSS-0.7/3150.7 16.2-67.53154450*2200*25007800DN125
2FSS-0.8/3150.8 14.6-62.0
2FSS-1.0/3151.0 13.2-56.5
2FSS-1.3/3151.3 12.2-51.5
2FSS-0.7/280W0.7 14.4-60.02803400*2100*2200
(Water coling)
2FSS-0.8/280W0.8 13.2-56.5
2FSS-1.0/280W1.0 12.2-51.5
2FSS-1.3/280W1.3 10.8-46.5
2FSS-0.7/315W0.7 16.2-67.53152850*2050*2120
(Water coling)
2FSS-0.8/315W0.8 14.6-62.0
2FSS-1.0/315W1.0 13.2-56.5
2FSS-1.3/315W1.3 12.2-51.5

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