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Fixed speed screw air compressor

Fixed speed screw air compressor

Advantages of power frequency screw air compressor:

The working environment temperature is as high as 46 degrees, which can safely spend the summer.

The optimized design of the rotor profile not only maximizes the volumetric efficiency, but also achieves low energy consumption.

High-level processing and assembly accuracy, and the configuration of large-scale high-precision heavy-duty bearings further ensures the reliability of the host.

Using the layout structure of cold and heat separation, the compression efficiency is higher, and the flow rate is maximized.

Through the cooperation of the intake valve, pressure sensor and the volume control system, a variety of volume control methods can be provided to meet the different requirements of users for compressed air.
Low noise. Passed ISO14001 certification.

The control system adopts Siemens components to ensure the safety of electricity.

High reliability and can run continuously for 8000 hours.
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