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Fix Speed 11kw 220V 60Hz Screw Type Air Compressor

Fix Speed 11kw 220V 60Hz Screw Type Air Compressor

Fix Speed 11kw 220V 60Hz Screw Type Air Compressor
Fix Speed 11kw 220V 60Hz Screw Type Air CompressorFix Speed 11kw 220V 60Hz Screw Type Air CompressorFix Speed 11kw 220V 60Hz Screw Type Air CompressorFix Speed 11kw 220V 60Hz Screw Type Air CompressorFix Speed 11kw 220V 60Hz Screw Type Air Compressor
CategoriesFixed speed screw air compressor
BrandJinjing Professional Air Compressor Manufacturer
Power7.5~355 Kw
Displacement0.86~60 M3/Min
Unit PriceUS $ 1500-5000 / piece
FOB portTianjin
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/P, T/T, Paypal
Update TimeJul 24,2024
Detail Information
1. Remain more than 96% efficiency under any load, Save energy 38% more than ordinary motor.

2. Use coaxial integration structure design, No need to use transmission components such as belt, gear, and shaft coupling, No transmission loss completely, Transmission efficiency reaches 100%. 
Screw Type Air Compressor

3. Permanent magnet motor's volume and weight are reduced by 30% and 35% compared to the same power motor.

Screw Type Air Compressor

Oil Filter: Jinjing filters ensure longer working life and save maintenance time and cost.

Cooler: High-quality aluminum material, alternating expression cooler fins, ensure the perfect radiating effect.

Air Filter: Two-stage dust removal and filtering system with an efficiency of up to 99.9% even in heavy-duty environments.

Electric Motor: Premium efficiency Totally TEFC IP54/IP55 motor (Class F insulation protects against dust and chemicals etc.

Stainless Steel Pipes: High and low temperature resistant, high-pressure resistant.

Compressed Air Vessel: Reduction of pressure drops and energy costs, quality air with low oil content.

Air End: Original Germany Jinjing air end, advanced SAP profile design.

Outlet Size
FSS-0.7/7.50.7 1.20 7.5815*700*855450G3/4"
FSS-0.8/7.50.8 1.10 
FSS-1.0/7.51.0 0.95 
FSS-1.3/7.51.3 0.80 
FSS-0.7/110.7 1.70 111000*750*1120500G1"
FSS-0.8/110.8 1.60 
FSS-1.0/111.0 1.40 
FSS-1.3/111.3 1.20 
FSS-0.7/150.7 2.40 15800*950*1100560G1"
FSS-0.8/150.8 2.20 
FSS-1.0/151.0 2.00 
FSS-1.3/151.3 1.70 
FSS-0.7/18.50.7 3.10 18.5900*1150*1260580Rp1-1/4"
FSS-0.8/18.50.8 2.90 
FSS-1.0/18.51.0 2.70 
FSS-1.3/18.51.3 2.20 
FSS-0.7/220.7 3.80 221014*800*1200620Rp1 1/4"
FSS-0.8/220.8 3.50 
FSS-1.0/221.0 3.20 
FSS-1.3/221.3 2.90 
FSS-0.7/300.7 5.20 30900*1150*1260980Rp1 1/4"
FSS-0.8/300.8 5.00 
FSS-1.0/301.0 4.30 
FSS-1.3/301.3 3.70 
FSS-0.7/370.7 6.40 371550*980*13601020Rp1 1/2"
FSS-0.8/370.8 6.10 
FSS-1.0/371.0 5.70 
FSS-1.3/371.3 5.00 
FSS-0.7/450.7 8.00 451680*1050*13951085Rp1 1/2"
FSS-0.8/450.8 7.70 
FSS-1.0/451.0 7.00 
FSS-1.3/451.3 5.80 
FSS-0.7/550.7 10.50 551800*1250*16002200Rp2"
FSS-0.8/550.8 9.80 
FSS-1.0/551.0 8.70 
FSS-1.3/551.3 7.60 
FSS-0.7/750.7 13.60 752020*1250*16502300Rp2"
FSS-0.8/750.8 13.30 
FSS-1.0/751.0 11.60 
FSS-1.3/751.3 9.80 
FSS-0.7/900.7 16.30 902020*1250*16502800Rp2"
FSS-0.8/900.8 16.00 
FSS-1.0/901.0 14.60 
FSS-1.3/901.3 12.30 
FSS-0.7/1100.7 20.30 1102500*1600*18004000DN65
FSS-0.8/1100.8 19.40 
FSS-1.0/1101.0 17.30 
FSS-1.3/1101.3 14.60 
FSS-0.7/1320.7 24.00 1322500*1600*18004500DN65
FSS-0.8/1320.8 23.00 
FSS-1.0/1321.0 20.00 
FSS-1.3/1321.3 18.00 
FSS-0.7/1600.7 28.00 1602500*1600*18004800DN65
FSS-0.8/1600.8 26.50 
FSS-1.0/1601.0 22.50 
FSS-1.3/1601.3 20.10 
FSS-0.7/1850.7 32.50 1852770*2050*22005200DN65
FSS-0.8/1850.8 31.00 
FSS-1.0/1851.0 28.00 
FSS-1.3/1851.3 25.10 
FSS-0.7/2000.7 35.00 2002850*1850*19505800DN80
FSS-0.8/2000.8 34.00 
FSS-1.0/2001.0 32.00 
FSS-1.3/2001.3 26.50 
FSS-0.7/2200.7 40.00 2202850*1850*19505900DN80
FSS-0.8/2200.8 36.80 
FSS-1.0/2201.0 32.20 
FSS-1.3/2201.3 28.50 
FSS-0.7/2500.7 43.50 2502850*1850*19506600DN100
FSS-0.8/2500.8 42.00 
FSS-1.0/2501.0 38.10 
FSS-1.3/2501.3 34.60 
FSS-0.7/3150.7 50.80 3155010*2210*21308000DN125
FSS-0.8/3150.8 48.20 
FSS-1.0/3151.0 42.60 
FSS-1.3/3151.3 39.80 
FSS-0.7/3550.7 60.00 3555200*2500*21308500DN125
FSS-0.8/3550.8 57.00 
FSS-1.0/3551.0 50.00 
FSS-1.3/3551.3 45.00 
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