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Screw air compressor

Screw air compressor

Screw compressor is composed of a pair of parallel, meshing female and male screws, which is one of the most widely used rotary compressors. Divided into single screw and twin-screw two, usually said that the screw compressor refers to the twin-screw compressor. 

The screw compressor can be divided into dry type and wet type. The so-called dry type means that there is no liquid injection in the working chamber, and the compressed gas will not be polluted. The wet type means that lubricating oil or other liquid is injected into the working chamber, so as to cool the compressed gas, improve the seal, and lubricate the female and male rotors and bearings, so as to realize self transmission, The oil or other liquid impurities in the compressed air are removed through a high-precision filter to obtain high-quality compressed gas. 

Dry screw is generally used in the occasions with high requirements for gas quality, and the requirements for gas volume are small. The structure of dry screw is complex, difficult to maintain, high noise and high cost; Wet is widely used, simple structure, easy to maintain, stable and reliable, and is commonly used in aerodynamic engineering.

Screw air compressor provide reliable and high-quality compressed air supply for the production process in numerous industrial, trade and workshop applications. They are the first choice for users who need to maintain constant pressure for a long time.

In order to ensure that our screw compressor operates as efficiently as possible, Jinjing has independently developed its own special rotor profile. Compared with other traditional rotor profile designs, Jinjing rotor can save up to 15% energy.

Our precision machined large-size roller bearings help to make our air end have a long service life. All these, together with our state-of-the-art internal manufacturing processes and strict manufacturing tolerances, provide excellent quality synonymous with the Jinjing name.

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