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7.5kw Oilless Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor

7.5kw Oilless Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor

7.5kw Oilless Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor
7.5kw Oilless Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor7.5kw Oilless Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor7.5kw Oilless Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor
CategoriesScroll screw air compressor
BrandJinjing Professional Air Compressor Manufacturer
Power2.2-37 Kw
Displacement0.25-4 M3/Min
Unit PriceUS $ 3000-5000 / piece
FOB portTianjin
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/P, T/T, Paypal
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Update Time2022/8/8
Detail Information

7.5kw Scroll Air Compressor 5HP Oilless Air Compressor Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor

1.High quanlity oil free compressed air.

2.High efficiency oil free scroll airend.

3.Low Energy Consumption,Low running,maintenance cost.

4.Aptitude and intelligent Control, integrated touch-screen PLC displayer.

5.Unique safe units make whole compressor more safety, more stable,lest noise,lest energy Loss.

6.Easy to install,operate,maintain.

High quality oil fee compressed air:
A high quality 74 Degree taper connection is used making a more reliable seal reducing the risk of air leakage. SCR's oil free scroll machine provides 100% oil free air and makes use of fully stainless steel pipework eliminating any possible contamination.

High Efficiency oil free scroll airend:
The compression chamber and lubricant system is 100% separated meaning there is no risk of oil contaminated air.

High Reliability:
The SS range use low noise, high pressure centrifugal fans which provides excellent air flow. The oversized cooler has spare capacity of between 20%-30% making the air outlet temperature only +10-15 degrees above the ambient tempera-ture. This reduces the burden of downstream equipment.

No Of Air EndDimension
Outlet Size
SS-0.75/2.20.75 0.25 2.21840*780*1066230Rc1/2"
SS-0.85/2.20.85 0.24 Rc1/2"
SS-1.05/2.21.05 0.22 Rc1/2"
SS-0.75/3.70.75 0.40 3.71840*780*1066230Rc1/2"
SS-0.85/3.70.85 0.39 Rc1/2"
SS-1.05/3.71.05 0.37 Rc1/2"
SS-0.75/5.50.75 0.51 5.52930*1200*1230360Rc1"
SS-0.85/5.50.85 0.48 Rc1"
SS-1.05/5.51.05 0.44 Rc1"
SS-0.75/7.50.75 0.80 7.52930*1200*1230360Rc1"
SS-0.85/7.50.85 0.78 Rc1"
SS-1.05/7.51.05 0.74 Rc1"
SS-0.75/110.75 1.20 1131400*910*1320500Rc1"
SS-0.85/110.85 1.17 Rc1"
SS-1.05/111.05 1.11 Rc1"
SS-0.75/150.75 1.60 1541930*1270*1340720Rc1"
SS-0.85/150.85 1.56 Rc1"
SS-1.05/151.05 1.47 Rc1"
SS-0.75/18.50.75 2.00 18.551930*1270*1340860Rc1"
SS-0.85/18.50.85 1.95 Rc1"
SS-1.05/18.51.05 1.84 Rc1"
SS-0.75/220.75 2.40 2261930*1270*1340900Rc1"
SS-0.85/220.85 2.34 Rc1"
SS-1.05/221.05 2.21 Rc1"
SS-0.75/300.75 3.20 3082030*1260*21001200Rc1-1/4"
SS-0.85/300.85 3.12 Rc1-1/4"
SS-1.05/301.05 2.95 Rc1-1/4"
SS-0.75/370.75 4.00 37102030*1260*21001420Rc1-1/2"
SS-0.85/370.85 3.89 Rc1-1/2"
SS-1.05/371.05 3.68 Rc1-1/2"
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