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Oil Cooled Permanent Magnet Frequency Conversion Air Compressor is in production

Oil Cooled Permanent Magnet Frequency Conversion Air Compressor is in production

Nov 3,2021
Oil Cooled Permanent Magnet Frequency Conversion Air Compressor is in production

1. Integrated shaft design, more power transmission

The efficiency of high-efficiency oil-cooled motor can be increased by 3% ~ 5%. The permanent magnet motor and compression air end adopt embedded integrated shaft direct connection structure, which makes the structure more compact and the transmission efficiency 100%. IP65 protection grade, waterproof and dustproof;

180 ° high demagnetization temperature ensures the continuous and efficient operation of the motor, and the high-power factor can reach 0.98 ~ 0.99,

The motor bearing does not need grease and is maintenance free. The integrated non cantilever shaft design and long-life oil seal design are adopted.

2. Computer intelligent controller

By collecting big data, you can enjoy a relaxed and pleasant operation experience at the client of the air compressor system. You can view the real-time data of your compressed air system on any computer and mobile phone through the Internet browser without any additional software.

3. Remote IOT detection system

Carry out life cycle management, remote detection, remote management, mobile phone early warning, data acquisition, etc. of air compressor equipment through Internet of things technology.

4. Equipped with high-efficiency heavy-duty filter and thermostatic control valve

The high-efficiency heavy-duty air inlet filter is adopted to ensure the air inlet quality of the compressor, ensure the safety of the main engine and greatly improve the service life of the equipment. With thermostatic control valve, the temperature of cooling lubricating oil is automatically controlled, so that the machine can be easily controlled in the normal working range.

5. Mute design

Special air duct design reduces wind resistance and noise by 20%. Sound insulation baffles are carefully selected sound insulation cotton to strive for noise reduction in details.

6. High end customized frequency converter

It has excellent overheating capacity. The module overheating temperature is increased to 105 ℃, which improves the stability of the frequency converter. The overload capacity (voltage) is 340v ~ 400V. It abandons the traditional overload curve and adopts the high-end algorithm of junction temperature estimation, which greatly uses the temperature rise of the frequency converter module to improve the overload capacity. It has strong adaptability to the environment and can operate stably in case of power grid voltage fluctuation and interference. Super control algorithm, high-end chip, improves the carrier frequency, adopts energy-saving control algorithm, reduces the motor running current, gives full play to the motor efficiency, and reduces the motor temperature rise and noise.

7. Reasonable design to deal with harsh environment

IP65 oil-cooled motor isolates electromagnetic noise. Combined with strong cooling system, the permanent magnet works at very low temperature for a long time, and the energy efficiency is improved by 3% ~ 5%. The fully sealed structure keeps the permanent magnet clean and does not demagnetize for long-term operation, which is suitable for particularly harsh environment.

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