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Low pressure piston air compressor

Low pressure piston air compressor

Nov 30,2021
Low pressure piston air compressor
It can be divided into oil piston air compressor and oil-free piston air compressor.
Power: 1.1 ~ 30KW
Exhaust volume: 0.12 ~ 2.0 M ³/ min
Gas storage capacity: 40 ~ 500L

1. All copper motor
Full copper core: sufficient materials, more powerful power
High precision rotor: dynamic balance debugging, more stable
Silent bearing: silent ball bearing, more durable

2. High efficiency cylinder head
Cooling exhaust steel pipe: composed of high-efficiency heat sink and steel pipe, with obvious heat dissipation effect
Crankshaft: double balanced support, small vibration, surface hardening of worn parts
Connecting rod: precision machining of connecting rod, standard balance, more stable operation of main engine
Suction and exhaust valves: original special valve cylinder, not afraid of high temperature
Piston ring: double oil scraper ring design, less lubricating oil consumption

3. Safety tank
The tank surface is treated by painting process, and the surface is dense and smooth, which is not easy to peel off, rust and crack

4. Air outlet assembly
Multi interface design, easy to use

5. Magnetic protector
In case of motor problems, protect the motor in time

6. Air filter
Low flow resistance, high filtration efficiency and better noise reduction

7. Protective cover
Strong mesh safety cover, effective heat dissipation and safety at the same time