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DG series piston high pressure air compressor

DG series piston high pressure air compressor

Dec 8,2021
DG series piston high pressure air compressor

Jinjing electric high-pressure air compressor is a high-pressure air supply equipment with large displacement, which can be driven by motor or diesel engine. It has the characteristics of strong matching power, large exhaust volume, low energy consumption, stable operation, long service life and beautiful appearance.

Its working principle is that the air in the natural state is compressed step by step in four stages, and finally compressed to a pressure of 10 ~ 25MPa (MPA) per square centimeter. The structural forms are fixed, van, mobile and other forms for users to choose.

It can be widely used in various places powered by compressed air in oil fields, mines, water conservancy, geology, construction, transportation, textile, smelting, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, papermaking, automobile manufacturing and repair industries. In addition, our high-pressure air compressor can flexibly design the pressure and exhaust volume of products according to user requirements, and provide automatic shutdown and startup, sewage automation, compressor post-treatment system and other services.

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