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Warm tips for Jinjing air compressor

Warm tips for Jinjing air compressor

Dec 10,2021
Warm tips for Jinjing air compressor

1. Check the screws or nuts of all parts for looseness

2. Whether the belt is properly tightened

3. Whether the pipeline is normal and the oil level is appropriate

4. Whether the wires and electrical switches comply with the regulations and whether the boundary is correct

5. Whether each wheel foot fulcrum is fixed or stable

6. Compression means that the pulley can be easily turned by hand

7. Before the compressor works, it is best to idle for more than 2 to 3 minutes before normal operation

8. Check whether the running direction is the same as that indicated by the indicating arrow. If not, please replace any two of the three power supplies for the three-phase motor

9. The air cleaner should always check whether there is pollution attached. The filter cotton should always be removed for cleaning (with air oil) or replaced to maintain good air filtration effect

10. After using the air compressor every day, unscrew the drain valve of the drum to remove the accumulated water and oil stain in the drum

11. The cylinder head and copper pipe of air compressor are heated due to air compression. Generally, the temperature is very high, which is an inevitable phenomenon

12. In case of power failure or use of the air compressor during operation, please cut off the power supply to ensure safety

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