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Jinjing Air Compressor--High Pressure Screw Air Compressor

Jinjing Air Compressor--High Pressure Screw Air Compressor

Jan 3,2022
Jinjing Air Compressor--High Pressure Screw Air Compressor

Jinjing Air Compressor focuses on the research and development of [air compression system], and provides one-stop service of complete machine sales, parts, maintenance, and repair. High pressure screw machine

Jin Jing shares with you how to solve the problem of oil blow-by in the air compressor?

1. Check the air compressor filter. If there is a damaged, defective or unclean air filter element, replace the damaged parts in time; check whether the air compressor intake pipe is kinked or deformed.

Ensure that the intake pipe has the required inner ring diameter (15.9 mm or more is recommended).

2. Check if there are excessive bends, kinks and obstructions in the oil return pipe. It is recommended that the inner diameter of the oil return pipe is (12 meters). It is necessary for the oil return pipeline to descend from the air compressor to the generator all the time.

Inside the crankcase of the motive.

3. Check and measure the wear and damage condition and installation condition of the cylinder liner and piston ring of the air compressor. The severe wear should be replaced. High pressure screw machine

4. For the air cooling part of the air compressor, it is necessary to remove the oil, soot or unclean matter accumulated on the heat sink. If the damaged parts are found to be replaced; check the damaged parts

Hot plate, found damaged parts to be replaced. For the water cooling part of the air compressor, it is necessary to: check the appropriate cooling pipe size (it is recommended that the pipe diameter is 9.5 mm), and check

Looking at the coolant flow status of the air compressor, the allowable flow rate is 5 liters per minute when the engine is adjusted at the speed. If the coolant flow rate is slow, check the cooling pipe and distribution

Pieces of rust, kinks and restraint elements piled up.

5. Check that the water temperature cannot exceed 93°C. Check the air valves on the air reservoir to make sure they are functioning properly. It is recommended that vehicles be equipped with active exhaust valves. And install it properly in front of the air reservoir

Equipped with air drying equipment to make the air dry.

6. When the vehicle is not using the brakes, the leakage cannot exceed 6.9 kPa per minute and the pressure drop shall not exceed 20.7 kPa per minute when the brakes are used. If you missed it

Many, check the system for leaks and repair. Check whether the unloading system is working and correct it.

7. Test whether the engine crankcase pressure is too high, replace or repair the ventilation equipment of the crankcase. Loose or partial lift of the oil dipstick indicates that there is a problem with the pressure of the crankcase.

8. Check the smooth pressure of the engine (at the oil inlet of the air compressor) and compare it with the extra pressure. High pressure screw machine

9. Replace qualified lubricating oil.

10. Only when it is confirmed that none of the above reasons exist, dare to replace or repair the air compressor.

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