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High pressure screw air compressor

High pressure screw air compressor

Jan 1,2022
High pressure screw air compressor

Jinjing Air Compressor focuses on the research and development of [air compression system], and provides one-stop service of complete machine sales, parts, maintenance, and repair.

Jin Jing shares with you the reasons why compressed air is widely used in industry?

(1) Storage. It is easy to store large-capacity compressed air as needed.

(2) Simple design and control. Pneumatic components are of simple design, so they are suitable for automatic systems with simpler control.

(3) Choice of exercise. Pneumatic components are easy to realize linear and rotary motion with stepless speed regulation.

(4) Compressed air generation system, due to the reasonable price of pneumatic components, the cost of the whole set of equipment is lower, the price of high-pressure screw compressors, and the pneumatic components have a long life and low maintenance costs.

(5) Reliability. Pneumatic components have a long working life, so the system has high reliability. High pressure screw machine

(6) Adaptability to harsh environments. Compressed air is largely unaffected by high temperature, dust, and corrosion, which is beyond the reach of other systems.

(7) The environment is clean. Pneumatic components are clean, and there is a special exhaust air treatment method, which has little environmental pollution.

(8) Security. It will not cause fire in dangerous places. If the system is overloaded, the actuator will only stop or slip.

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