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Low pressure screw air compressor

Low pressure screw air compressor

Dec 31,2021

Low pressure screw air compressor

Dedicated low-voltage host

   Jinjing special rotor is efficient and stable

Perfect match in low pressure field


  Customized oil and gas separation system

  Ensure that the oil and gas separation effect is less than 2PPM

Optimized design to facilitate after-sales maintenance


  Special low-pressure pipeline design

   low voltage exclusive design, easy to disassemble and assemble

Ultra-low system pipeline pressure drop is less than 0.2bar, more energy-saving


   Exclusive customized low voltage inverter

  The adjustment response speed is fast, with the energy-saving adjustment of the frequency conversion motor 15-50hz frequency,

  Adjustment range 30-100%

  Wide voltage range design, wider adaptability

Integrated design, easier to maintain


   Group custom motor

   SKF bearing, to ensure the long life of the motor

Standard phase sequence protector to prevent reverse rotation


   Essential oil separator and oil filter with low oil content and long life

   use global well-known brand filters

Easy disassembly and maintenance, no need for frequent replacement


  Pre-filter protection

  Extend the maintenance cycle

Easy to disassemble and clean, reusable


   A new generation of intelligent remote monitoring system MK5S

   Designed by the European headquarters of the group, imported with original packaging, passed CSA and UL certification

   LCD touch, better human-computer interaction

Standard configuration of Atlas Copco Group R&D IoT module, comprehensive detection and protection


Main application areas

  Textile chemical fiber; biological fermentation; glass; papermaking; metal processing; water treatment

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