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Why choose low pressure screw air compressor?

Why choose low pressure screw air compressor?

Jan 17,2022
Why choose low pressure screw air compressor?

1. When the exhaust volume remains unchanged, the lower the pressure, the smaller the motor power. When the air pressure is 0.3-0.5mpa, the selection of conventional 0.7MPa air compressor will cause huge power waste. The selection of low-pressure air compressor can greatly increase the output of compressed air under the same motor power. Finally, you can save the power wasted due to high pressure, which can generally save 20-50% of the electricity charge. If you are a 0.7MPa machine and the actual use pressure is 0.3MPa, its working process is usually as follows: the screw air end compresses the air to 0.7MPa first, and then reduces the pressure by 0.3MPa through the pressure reducing valve. In other words, you use a pressure of 0.3MPa and you bear a power consumption of 0.7MPa. Obviously, it can be seen that the use of atmospheric air compressor causes great waste to the industry that only needs low pressure.


2.With the same power, the lower the pressure, the greater the exhaust volume.

Prove in terms of exhaust volume:

For a 132kw, 0.7MPa screw air compressor, its exhaust volume should generally be 24m3 / min. The exhaust capacity of a 132kw, 0.5MPa medium and low pressure screw air compressor has generally reached 30.4 m3 / min.

According to the user's use pressure, the internal compression ratio is automatically adjusted to maintain the best specific power (energy efficiency) within the exhaust pressure range of 0.3 ~ 0.5MPa. The oil pump is used for forced lubrication to ensure sufficient fuel injection and optimal oil-air mixing ratio under extremely low exhaust pressure.


3.Whether the air compressor is selected correctly or not determines the operation cost of the air compressor (such as electricity charge)

Air compressors with operating pressure less than 0.5MPa are called low-pressure air compressors. We all know that the pressure of commonly used air compressors is generally 0.7mpa-0.8mpa, so many users buy air compressors with operating pressure of 0.7MPa even if the operating pressure is 0.3MPa, and then reduce the pressure through the pressure reducing valve for use at the gas end. Why, Because many users do not know that there is a low-pressure air compressor, which is also a product designed by some air compressor manufacturers according to the use pressure of customers in recent years, so as to better help enterprise users save energy.


Jinjing low-pressure screw air compressor series is a new type of compressor born under the national policy of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection proposed by the state. It has changed the traditional high-pressure compressor. The compressed air discharged from the compressor is depressurized and then transmitted to gas consuming equipment, resulting in a large waste of energy.

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