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Four in one integrated screw air compressor

Four in one integrated screw air compressor

Jan 25,2022
Four in one integrated screw air compressor

Combined (integrated) screw air compressor integrates screw compressor, refrigeration dryer, precision filter, air storage tank and other components. After the air is integrated into the system, the air quality is obviously optimized, which can meet the process needs of various enterprises, improve the production efficiency and save the production cost for users to the greatest extent.

1. Integrated design, greatly saving customers' installation cost and use space, and beautiful appearance;

2. New modular structure design, compact layout; Ready to use, easy to move;

3. The unit has been strictly tested, and the vibration value of the unit is far lower than the national standard value

4. Integrated and optimized pipeline design reduces the length and quantity of pipelines, thus reducing the incidence of pipeline leakage and internal loss caused by pipeline system;

5. Directly discharge dry compressed air to fully ensure the gas quality of user terminal;

6. Multiple linkage controls can be set according to customer requirements;

7. Aluminum plate fin cooler has compact structure, light weight, and high heat transfer efficiency, so that the unit can be used in high temperature environment.

8. The design is reasonable, the operation time is long and reliable, and the maintenance cost is saved.

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