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Screw air compressor is being produced

Screw air compressor is being produced

Nov 13,2021
Screw air compressor is being produced

Screw air compressor for laser cutting

The special air compressor for laser cutting is suitable for 500-10000w laser cutting machine, with a constant pressure of 1.6Mpa, built-in high-quality cold dryer + 4 high-precision filters + 500L air storage tank to ensure that the compressed air has no liquid water, no steam, no refraction and greatly improve the yield. The integrated professional design has small floor area, the lowest noise in the industry, simple installation, plug-in and play, ultra-quiet, constant pressure Easy to maintain, it is the golden partner of laser cutting machine!

Integrated 16 Bar Air Compressor 37KW for Laser Cutting Machine
Combined 16bar Screw Compressor with Dryer for Laser Cutting