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5 important structures of magnetic blower compressor

5 important structures of magnetic blower compressor

Nov 14,2021
5 important structures of magnetic blower compressor

1. Magnetic bearing: it adopts flying 5-DOF active magnetic bearing technology. The rotor is suspended by electromagnetic force, without contact, friction, lubrication and long service life.

2. Magnetic levitation control technology: signal acquisition and real-time correction more than 10000 times per second, accurate control of rotor axis position, self balancing technology, and the vibration is one order of magnitude smaller than that of traditional bearings.

3. Intelligent control: adjust the speed according to the working condition requirements to realize the adjustment of pressure and flow: the fan has pre surge.The function of measuring and anti-surge can save more electric energy for users, better protect the fan, and realize 100% remote monitoring.

4. Three-dimensional flow impeller: aluminum / titanium alloy, backward bending design, high-speed milling and forming in five axis machining centers. After CAE analysis, 100% radiographic inspection and 115% over speed test, the variable efficiency is as high as 97%.

5. High speed motor: the flying high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor directly drives the impeller, eliminates the mechanical transmission loss, the speed is up to 75000rpm, and the efficiency is more than 97%.

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