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9 advantages of oil-free scroll air compressors

9 advantages of oil-free scroll air compressors

Nov 15,2021
9 advantages of oil-free scroll air compressors

1. Pure oil-free gas to meet the gas supply needs of medical, food, laboratory, textile, electronic pharmaceutical and other industries.

2. Electromechanical integration, with the smallest volume, the longest service life, and the lowest operation cost.

3. Light noise and low energy consumption, in line with the new concept of environmental protection.

4. There is no need to use compressor oil and maintenance free.

5. The design is humanized, and the mobile operation and maintenance is extremely convenient.

6. The compression chamber of the main engine does not contain any grease, and the compressed gas is clean and pollution-free.

7. The dynamic and static disks of the main engine do not contact friction operation, there are no vulnerable parts, and the exhaust is continuous and stable.

8. The maintenance cost is very low. It only needs normal maintenance and cleaning of the air filter.

9. It can be used nearby, saving more than 30% energy compared with other models of the same power.

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