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Daily maintenance of screw air compressor

Daily maintenance of screw air compressor

Nov 25,2021
Daily maintenance of screw air compressor
1. Daily work content: check the compressor oil level; Check the readings on the display screen and instrument panel; Check whether there is condensate discharge during loading: after shutdown, please discharge the condensate in the air and aftercooler.

2. Weekly work content: check the setting value in the program; If an air reservoir is installed, drain the condensate; Check for possible leaks.

3. Work content every six months: remove the air filter, clean and check for damage by injecting high-pressure air: clean the compressor.

4. Annual work content: replace the gearbox ventilation filter element; Conduct indicator / display test; Replace the oil filter; If mineral oil is used, change the oil; Replace the air filter; Test the relief valve.
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