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Common faults and Solutions about screw air compressor

Common faults and Solutions about screw air compressor

Issue Time:2021/11/26
Common faults and Solutions about screw air compressor

1. Water content in lubricating oil of oil injected screw air compressor: unload the machine for a long time, adjust the air consumption, integrated screw air compressor, and increase the loading time of air compressor; Thermostatic valve failure, thermostatic valve maintenance or replacement; If the temperature of cooling water is too low, avoid using chilled water; If the water cooler leaks, repair or replace the water cooler.


2. High oil content at the air end outlet: if the oil level is too high, put the oil to the standard height; If the oil temperature is too high, check the temperature control valve, cooling water, cooling water pressure and oil cooling efficiency of the integrated screw air compressor; The 2mm small hole of the oil return pipe is blocked and dredged; If the oil return pipe is bent or deviated, adjust or replace the oil return pipe; If the oil-gas separator is damaged, replace the oil-gas separator.

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