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Common faults and Solutions about screw air compressor

Common faults and Solutions about screw air compressor

Nov 26,2021
Common faults and Solutions about screw air compressor

1. Water content in lubricating oil of oil injected screw air compressor: unload the machine for a long time, adjust the air consumption, integrated screw air compressor, and increase the loading time of air compressor; Thermostatic valve failure, thermostatic valve maintenance or replacement; If the temperature of cooling water is too low, avoid using chilled water; If the water cooler leaks, repair or replace the water cooler.


2. High oil content at the air end outlet: if the oil level is too high, put the oil to the standard height; If the oil temperature is too high, check the temperature control valve, cooling water, cooling water pressure and oil cooling efficiency of the integrated screw air compressor; The 2mm small hole of the oil return pipe is blocked and dredged; If the oil return pipe is bent or deviated, adjust or replace the oil return pipe; If the oil-gas separator is damaged, replace the oil-gas separator.

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