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Pneumatic pick needing attention

Pneumatic pick needing attention

Dec 19,2021
Pneumatic pick needing attention

1. Before using the pneumatic pick, lubricate the pneumatic pick with oil.

2. When using pneumatic picks, there should be no less than 3 spare pneumatic picks, and the continuous working time of each pneumatic pick should not exceed 2.5 hours.

3. During operation, hold the handle of the pickaxe and press it firmly in the gouge direction to make the pickaxe abut the drill sleeve forcefully.

4. The inner diameter of the selected trachea should be 16mm, and the length should preferably not exceed 12m, and ensure that the tube is clean and clean and the trachea joints are firmly and reliably connected.

5. During operation, do not insert all the picks into broken objects to prevent air strikes.

6. Do not shake the pneumatic pick violently when the pick is stuck into the titanium tuft to avoid damage to the body.

7. During operation, choose a pick brace reasonably. Choose different pick braces according to the hardness of the titanium tuft. The harder the titanium tuft, the shorter the pick brace. Pay attention to check the heat of the brace tail to prevent the pick brace from jamming.

8. When the picks are brazed, they must be handled in time, and the picks should not be used for brazing operations.

9. Air strikes are strictly prohibited.

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