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Daily maintenance of pneumatic pick

Daily maintenance of pneumatic pick

Dec 20,2021
Daily maintenance of pneumatic pick

1. The normal working air pressure of the pneumatic pick is 0.5MPa. During normal operation, add lubricating oil every 2h. When filling oil, first remove the air pipe joint, place the pneumatic pick at an angle, press the pick handle, and inject from the connecting pipe.

2. During the use of the pneumatic pick, disassemble it at least twice a week, wash it with clean kerosene, blow it dry, and coat it with lubricating oil before assembling it. When the parts are found to be worn or malfunctioning, they should be replaced in time. It is strictly forbidden to work with the pneumatic pick.

3. When the cumulative use time of the pneumatic pick is over 8 hours, the pneumatic pick must be cleaned.

4. When the pneumatic pick is idle for more than a week, the pneumatic pick should be oiled and maintained.

5. Grind the hair pick in time.

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