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Air/Pneumatic pick operating rules

Air/Pneumatic pick operating rules

Dec 21,2021
Air/Pneumatic pick operating rules

1. Matters needing attention before work:

1. Check the safety of the working face and ask for help.

2. Check the air volume and blow off the dirt in the rubber duct.

3. Check whether the air filter of the hose joint and the fixed steel sleeve of the head of the pneumatic pick are clean.

4. Check whether the drill end of the pneumatic pick and the steel sleeve are skewed, and whether the clearance is appropriate.

5. First scrub the shank of the pneumatic pick, then insert it into the pneumatic pick and fix it with a spring.

2. Matters needing attention during work:

1. When you continue to use the pneumatic pick, you must refuel at any time. When refueling, it will be poured into the glue pipe, the pneumatic pick will fall down or the pneumatic pick will be crushed to hurt people.

2. Pay attention to the loosening and falling off of the air pipe joints and connecting pipes at any time, and they should be tightened in time. The high-pressure straight-through must be clamped with U-shaped clamps, and iron wires cannot be used instead of U-shaped clamps.

3. Keep the air duct in good condition. Do not curl the duct, damage the gangue and other objects and cause air leakage.

4. Prevent the pneumatic pick from being stuck by the rock. When the pneumatic pick is inserted into the depth of the rock formation, it must be under the spring of the pneumatic pick to prevent prying the rock while using the pneumatic pick.

5. When the jackhammer breaks down, it should be sent to the repair room for replacement or repair in time, and it should not be opened or dismantled at the work site arbitrarily.

6. When the pneumatic pick is used to handle concrete, rocks and other objects, under normal circumstances, a large amount of dust will be generated. Operators should wear personal protective equipment such as dust masks and earplugs to reduce the harm to the human body.

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