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Precautions for refrigerated compressed air dryer

Precautions for refrigerated compressed air dryer

Issue Time:2021/12/22
Precautions for refrigerated compressed air dryer

1. Do not place it in a place where it is exposed to the sun, rain, wind, dust, corrosive or flammable gas. At the same time, it should not be placed in a place where there is vibration or condensation water may freeze. It should be used at an ambient temperature of 40°C or less.

2. Do not connect the compressed air inlet wrongly. To facilitate equipment maintenance, bypass pipelines should be provided.

3. To prevent the vibration of the air compressor from being transmitted to the dryer, the weight of the piping should not be directly added to the dryer.

4. The allowable fluctuation of the power supply voltage is less than ±10%. A leakage circuit breaker of appropriate capacity should be provided.

5. When the air pressure is higher than 0.15MPa, the drain port of the normally open automatic drain can be closed.

6. If the compressed air is mixed with dust and oil, it will adhere to the heat exchanger and reduce the working efficiency of the instrument, and the drainage is also prone to failure. A filter should be installed at the inlet of the dryer to ensure drainage every day.

7. The vent of the dryer should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner once a month.

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