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The difference between air compressor and blower

The difference between air compressor and blower

May 25,2024
The difference between air compressor and blower
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While air compressors and blowers may appear similar on the surface, they are certainly not the same thing. Both are types of air equipment designed to deliver air to air-using devices through positive pressure. However, their working principles, structures, and applications differ significantly, making them distinct tools for specific purposes.

Air compressors, such as those produced by Jinjing Air Compressors, compress air into a confined space, increasing its density and pressure. The structure of an air compressor primarily consists of a circuit control system, cooling system, air system, and oil system. This complex structure allows the air compressor to compress the air, change the gas volume, and provide power along with high-standard clean, dry, cooled compressed air to the end user.

Air compressors typically employ two ways of compressing air volume. Some use the volumetric method, compressing air through changes in the compression chamber's volume. This category includes piston types and screw types, like the ones you can find in Jinjing's product line. Others use the speed method, which accelerates and compresses air by applying centrifugal force.

The primary application scenarios for air compressors are to provide pressure and high-quality compressed air for power equipment. In contrast, blowers, which only require a moderate increase in pressure to move air, are used for purging, ventilation, pneumatic transportation, oxygen supply, and more.

Blowers are mainly divided into two working principles: volumetric and centrifugal. The structure of blowers, whether they are positive displacement blowers or centrifugal blowers, is quite different from that of air compressors. For instance, positive displacement blowers and screw air compressors are similar to yin and yang rotary cylinders and synchronous gears. Meanwhile, centrifugal blowers primarily consist of volutes, impellers, collectors, etc.

The working principle of a blower generally involves a high-speed rotating impeller to accelerate the gas to produce high-speed gas. This contrasts with the compression process of air compressors, further highlighting the differences between these two pieces of equipment.

In conclusion, while air compressors and blowers share some similarities in their operation, their mechanisms and application scenarios differ. Therefore, they are not interchangeable. Understanding these differences is crucial when deciding which tool, be it an air compressor like those from Jinjing or a blower, is the most suitable for a particular task.